Welcome to NanoSafeguard and SNP Worldwide, Inc.

We are a New Jersey U.S.A. based company with offering a “nanotechnology product chemistry” that has extensive OEM, OES, and Aftermarket applications. With the 2012 acquisition of NanoSafeguard, we now offer a variety of surface treatment products for a variety of applications.

We offer the most effective, durable surface treatment products available. Using nanotechnology, our products extend the life of your everyday items as well as your most prized possessions, by adding an additional barrier of protection. The nano particles in our products create an invisible, protective seal on virtually any surface type.

The seal is anti-bacterial, colorless, odorless, and in no way harms the original surface. Quite the opposite….. it forms a protective barrier, preventing pollution, dirt, water, algae, acid rain, salt residue, and other forms of contaminants from penetrating and damaging the surface. Since the product alters the surface “mechanically” (not “chemically”) the surface seal is environmentally friendly.

All our product are:
Environmentally Friendly
Made of Renewable Resources
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